FIPB Approval Procedure - Application & Documentation

FIPB Application Procedure


  1. Applications seeking FIPB approval as an investee or investor company for the first time are called "Fresh Applications". Applicants may, therefore, click on the "Fresh Application" link in case they are approaching FIPB for the first time.

  1. "Amendment Applications" are those which seek an amendment to the FIPB approval already granted.

  1. On submission of the Mandatory Preliminary Application, whether for Fresh or Amendment cases, a computer generated unique (FC Registration No.) number shall be allotted. Thereafter, the applicant may either use the FC Registration No. to proceed for filing the on-line application or mention this number on the hardcopy of the application to be submitted at the FIPB Facilitation Center, Near Gate No. 9, North Block, New Delhi-110001. The applicant must also quote this number in all future correspondences with the FIPB.

  1. For Amendment Applications which are procedural in nature, users may click "Amendment Application which is procedural in nature" and submit in the prescribed proforma.

  1. For Submission of information for intimation/ record of FIPB, including information with respect to P.N. 4/2009 user may click "Submission of information for intimation / record of FIPB" and submit in the respective format.

  1. Any query pertaining to application filed or in the process of being filed, may be asked through the link – "Clarification/Query".

  1. In case an applicant wishes to make a change in the recently submitted application, that has not been processed, he/she may click on the link "Updation/Additional Information Form". Additional details being sought by the FIPB may also be submitted through the same link.

  1. It is mandatory to file complete details of the Directors in applications seeking FIPB approval in Telecom, Defense and Private Security Services sectors to enable capturing the inputs in the first instance for expeditious processing from the security angle. This requirement is also mandatory in case the foreign collaborator has Bangladesh, Chinese/ Hong Kong registration/links.

  1. After e-filing the application, one hard copy bearing the Unique FC Registration No. generated after submitting the Mandatory Preliminary Application, in original, with all annexures should immediately be sent by post at FIPB Facilitation Center, North Block, New Delhi-110001.

  1. Only the applications that are complete in all respect, filed three weeks prior to the scheduled date of the FIPB meeting, only, shall be taken up for consideration in that meeting.

To download FIPB Application form, please visit to:

Manual Filing

A user/applicant can also submit an application manually. For this, download the application form, fill the details asked for & along with attached documents submit 15 copies (alongwith a soft copy as prescribe form) at the following address:-

FIPB Facilitation Counter         
Near Gate No.-9
North Block
New Delhi-110001

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