Multistate Cooperative for Sale in Kolkata

Many financial entities who are not easily getting Multistate Cooperative licenses are taking an indirect route to acquire one, by buying out some existing Multistate Cooperative license, ideally some entity which is not operational or is a bit player. This is the most efficient & less costlier way to obtain Multistate Cooperative  License. Ozg NBFC liaisoning Group offers an extensive range of services to buy (takeover/acquisition) or sale of Multistate Cooperative in all parts of India.

The basic Details are as here under -

The operations of these Multistate Cooperatives are very minimal, clean, debt-free with no liabilities & obligations.  

 Available in selected states of India.

Authorized to conduct the business of Investment, Financing, Micro-finance etc.

Multistate Cooperatives are up to date on compliance with all reporting requirements of the Cental Registrar, Taxation authorities, with no tax obligations, whatsoever.

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